Compound direction
Meat direction
New item on the shelves of Titan-Agro's butcher shops: pork fat products
11/22/2023 05:12:00 pm
First stage results from “Labor Productivity” national project were summed up at Titan-Agro
The company of the Group of companies Titan increased production volume due to support of the National Project
05/18/2023 03:05:00 pm
"Titan-Agro" Ltd. started releasing a new product from its pork
04/19/2023 03:11:00 pm
“Titan-Agro” Ltd. started selling products using an online "order desk"
12/08/2022 03:41:00 pm
“Titan-Agro” has become a prizewinner in the labour competition for agricultural workers
11/30/2022 03:33:00 pm
Titan-Agro's awards in the All-Russian competition "100 Best Products of Russia" 2022
11/18/2022 03:20:00 pm
Pig Breeding Complex of "Titan-Agro" continues refreshing genetics of the livestock
09/01/2022 02:11:00 pm
«Titan-Agro» LLC congratulated the first-grade pupils!
09/01/2022 02:05:00 pm
«Titan-Agro» LLC congratulated all visitors to the butcher shops!
“Titan-Agro” Ltd. – on board of honour
The Titan employees went out for urban improvement
GC Titan has again confirmed the quality of its products

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