Half-carcass pork
Natural ready-to-cook pork products
Processed pork by-products
Pig-breeding complex “Petrovsky” complies with the standards and requirements of the Compartment IV (the highest biological protection level)

«Titan-Agro» guarantees

Product safety
High level of sanitary and veterinary safety of production and shipment
Fresh pork
Wholesale daily delivery of fresh meat and delivery to the own meat store chain
Flexible pricing
There is a customer-focused system of prices and discounts for long-standing partners and customers

We produce pork
of exceptional high quality

Elite breeds of pigs
Hermitage Genetics breeding-stock (Ireland) makes it possible to raise such elite breeds as Large White, Landrace, Duroc, Highgrow Pietrain, and Hylin Maxgro. These breeds are characterized by the bacon direction of productivity, which determines the quality of meat at the output.
Own production feed
All the animals are fed with feed which is supplied by meat processing plant “Pushkinsky”. The automatic feeding system makes it possible to provide animals with the right amount of complete feed in an efficient and dosed manner.
High standards of hygiene and safety
Big Dutchman and BANSS (Germany), SHALLER (Austria), STORK (Holland) equipment is installed at the pig-breeding complex and meat processing plant to ensure high standards of hygiene in the animal housing area.
Quality slaughtering and deboning
We use a unique technology to process pork half-carcasses. We debone meat professionally and ensure compliance with GOST requirements in production.  
Albena Pariy
Head of the Sales Department
The entire range of products meets with the requirements of the current technical documentation. .

Pork supplies

Geography of sales from the Urals to the Far East. Titan-Agro products. Products are widely demanded in markets, local and federal trading networks.

Meat stores

A branded retail chain of “Titan-Agro” includes meat stores that sell high quality pork. Our own production guarantees the availability of always fresh chilled pork, minced meat, as well as ready-to-cook meat.
Product range:
  • Ready-to-cook meat
  • Boneless pork
  • Processed products
  • Pork by-products

Stores addresses
3rd Molodezhnaya Street, 59 B
Mira Ave., 100/A 1
Zaozernaya Street, 11/1 D
Business hours:
Mon.-Sun: 9:00 A.M. – 8:00 P.M.
Days off:
No days off
Break time:
from 12:00 P.M. till 12:30 P.M
from 4 P.M. till 4:30 P.M.
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