KK 60 cattle feed

For milking cows during stall-feeding period
GOST Р 52254-2004. Compound cattle feed.
KK 60 feed is designed for milking cows during the stall-feeding period.

Using this feed provides cows with all necessary minerals, increasing and improving milk yields. Vitamins, micro- and macro-nutrients, enzymes and other components necessary for normal cow growth and development are added to enrich the feed.
Laboratory audit
Packaging and logistics

Feed composition

  • Extruded full fat soybeans
  • Sunflower oilseed residues
  • Distiller dried grain
  • Fodder yeast
  • Fine salt
  • Vitamin/mineral premix
Показатели КК 60, крупному рогатому скоту
Обменная энергия (ОЭ), ккал/100 г 10,8
Сырой протеин, % 16,5
Сырая клетчатка, % 11,32
Кальций, % 0,8
Фосфор, % 0,8

Multi-stage feedstock and finished products control

All manufacturing parameters are monitored during the production process to ensure that products are in line with recipes, beginning with feeding control into production and ending with placing the feed in the finished product warehouse. The final products are also tested by the production technology laboratory to ensure that they meet the requirements of regulatory documentation for all the necessary parameters

Types of transportation

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Natural non-GMO product for animal growth and development
Balanced composition of nutrients
Individual formulations tailored to the animals' needs

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