Half-carcass pork

GOST 31476-2012. Pigs for slaughtering. Pork carcasses and half carcasses.

“Titan-Agro” offers half-carcasses of the 2nd category of own production.

The following breeds are raised at the pig-breeding complex “Petrovsky”: Large White, Landrace, Duroc, Highgrow Pietrain, and Hylin Maxgro. These breeds are characterized by the bacon direction of productivity, which determines the quality of meat at the output.

Packaging and logistics

Product specifications

  • Slaughter yield - 72% of live weight on average
  • Average weight of half-carcasses of the 2nd category – 38-40 kgs
  • Chilled or frozen products
  • High yield percentage after carving and deboning
  • High water-binding structure of meat
  • pH level 5,7 – 5,9
  • Minimum lard coating

Chilled pork should be hung on hooks and placed in chambers with moderate air movement (0.2-0.3 m/s) at a relative humidity of 85-90% and a temperature of 0 to -2 С.

The duration of meat cooling is 24 hours.

Shelf life of chilled meat - no longer than 12 days.

Frozen meat is stored in stacks at -18 C and a relative humidity of 95% for 6 months.

Types of transportation

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