3 stages
of feedstock and products control
4 departments
in the laboratory
100 units
of modern equipment
Tatiana Alekseevna Gapon
Head of Production and Technology Laboratory of the Feed Mill «Pushkinsky»
The laboratory's modern equipment makes it possible to produce feed of exceptionally high quality, which is confirmed by both regulatory authorities and consumers of the plant's products.

Three-step analysis of raw materials and products

Feedstock input control
Incoming feedstocks are inspected to verify the quality of raw material components and identify adulteration
Samples during production process
Feedstock placement and storage are under control, and samples are taken regularly during the production phase
Finished product testing
All finished products also go through a third stage of control before delivery to customers and retailers
Laboratory composition

Incoming stock and finished product quality in the feed mill laboratory is controlled by 4 departments:

  • physical and mechanical testing
  • chemical
  • toxicological
  • bacteriologic

Modern equipment

In the industrial and technical laboratory of the feed mill "Pushkinsky" installed more than 100 pieces of modern analytical and measuring equipment.

Diode Array 7200 IR analyzer
High-speed multifunctional spectrometer due to its unique features has unsurpassed opportunities in the field of fast and accurate incoming and outgoing quality control of products and semi-finished products. This infrared spectrometer performs spectral express analysis for protein, fibre, fat, starch and moisture content. Measuring time for all parameters does not exceed one minute. Ease of use and high speed of analysis makes it possible to move from selective quality control to total control.
Atomic absorption spectrometer novAA 400 P
Designed for measurement of elements mass concentration in aqueous solutions, foodstuffs, soils, biological objects, environmental objects, oil products according to certified and standard based measurement methods (techniques). novAA® 400 P is a fully automatic compact PC-controlled atomic absorption spectrometer with flaming, electrothermal and hydride atomisation modes.
Kieltek 8100 Protein Detector
Kieltek 8100 Kjeldahl Protein Analyzer. The Kjeltec series equipment is designed for exact definition of protein content in organic products: food, feed, feed ingredients, grain varieties, oilseeds and bean cultures, meat and fish and their products after processing, dairy products. Kjeltec 8100 is the basic model and provides the accuracy required in a protein arbitrage test. Basic solutions and processes for Kjeldahl testing are implemented in Kjeltec 8100.
Agilent 1200 liquid chromatograph for amino acids and vitamins identification
The Agilent 1200 liquid chromatograph is designed to identify amino acids and vitamins in raw materials and finished products. Principle of the device operation is based on separation of a sample in chemical composition on a chromatographic column and recording of chromatograms with detectors. The Agilent liquid chromatograph is a multipurpose automated system providing dosed sample input, sample separation, quantity measurement of sample components, processing and recording of output information.

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